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Pools are fun, and they often add value to your home. But they also add risk. When installing a pool, you'll need to take safety precautions, while ensuring your home insurance covers you. Your Liability For A Pool Your pool is what the law considers an attractive nuisance. READ MORE >>

If you're selling your car, managing car insurance issues along the way can be a little confusing. Let's break it down into steps: Call your auto insurance provider. If there's anything you need to know before making the sale, they'll let you know. In particular, ask about a cancellation fee. READ MORE >>

Do you have a pet that loves to go for a ride in the car? Many dogs do. And most trips are simple and easy. Yet, an accident can occur at any time. When that happens, it becomes very important for you to have proper auto insurance in place. Your insurance may cover your vehicle damage or the damage you cause to another driver. READ MORE >>

You take a painting class, and it turns out, you're a natural. Before long, you've got friends asking you to do portraits for them. Soon enough, strangers are asking for portraits, too. Now, you must start charging for services, because it's your hobby is becoming something of a day job. READ MORE >>

As a general rule, you should assume that your home insurance will not cover a new HVAC unit. Your HVAC will eventually need to be replaced, owing to general wear and tear. No matter how well cared-for your HVAC unit may be, no machine can be expected to last forever. READ MORE >>

It’s easy to think that buying auto insurance is one of those things that we’ll eventually get the hang of. But the truth is, it can be confusing to even seasoned drivers. Whether you're a brand-new driver, or just want to make sure that you're getting the best insurance you... READ MORE >>

A 203k loan can be the key to improving your home's value, but it's designed to so more than that. The 203k loan is granted by the FHA in an attempt to revitalize run-down neighborhoods. If you're wondering how to choose the right type of loan for you, consider the following differences between the two options: the streamlined or standard loan. READ MORE >>

So, you're finally upgrading your vehicle. You're probably wondering how your auto insurance policy handles this scenario. Here's what you need to know: Your insurance provider will give you a grace period. The sooner you let your insurer know that you've traded your old car in for something new, the better. READ MORE >>

Here's a question worth considering: Who insures your insurer? Insurance companies will typically carry business insurance on two fronts: Most insurance companies will carry a business insurance policy. Just like any business, it has risks that it needs to take care of. READ MORE >>

If you're running out of storage space at your retail store, you can either rent a storage locker, or take the extra inventory home with you. But that inventory that comes home with you might not just a few cans of pineapples for your smoothie shop. It could be expensive equipment or valuable inventory. READ MORE >>

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